APA Accredited Internship Program

The UT Dallas Student Counseling Center offers clinical training opportunities for graduate students in professional psychology, including practicum positions and doctoral psychology internship positions. Trainees receive broad exposure to the many professional activities that exist in our service-oriented agency.

UT Dallas is a rapidly growing institution serving the educational needs of a diverse student body. Trainees will have the potential to provide services to international students from a range of countries, undergraduate and graduate-level students of a diverse age range, and students with a wide range of presenting problems.

In addition to clinical experience, professional identity development and growth of the trainee are fostered through multiple training experiences. Trainees have the opportunity to develop close working relationships with many staff members and are exposed to diverse theoretical orientations and approaches.

The staff is committed to providing supportive, yet stimulating supervisory and mentoring relationships to create an environment rich for growth, increased self-awareness and enhanced diversity, social justice and equity consciousness.