The students have spoken—and the SCC is listening! As you will find below, we have made some very big changes and improvements to our outreach request program and portal. Trends in mental health are picking up on campus and students have shared that they are interested in and ready to have more collaborative conversations and gain real-life skills applicable to helping them manage their mental health. Thus, we have gathered data on the top 5 most sought-after outreach presentations and offer these to our campus community in hopes of meeting the needs and requests of our Comets*! If you do not see the desired presentation for your group below, please submit a “create your own” request at the bottom of this page and our Outreach Coordinator will get back to you with feedback, options, and/or recommendations!

*Note: All SCC Signature Outreach Presentations will be tailored to your specific group! So let us know your hopes and needs, and we’ll make sure the presentation is the best fit for you.

SCC Signature Outreach Presentations

1) How to help a friend/student in distress
“Students oftentimes come across peers who seem to be struggling with their mental/emotional health and wellness. Here we discuss signs/symptoms to look for, ways to support and intervene, and how to refer someone for help.”

2) Stress management
“Stress and anxiety are some of the most common concerns for university students. In this presentation, students will learn to identify anxiety, its impact on them, and gain skills for how to manage and relieve mental, physical, and emotional symptoms of stress.”

3) SCC services/university mental health
“Oftentimes students may be unaware that they have access to free, affirming mental health services on campus. What is more, many students have never talked about mental health prior to coming to college or may have previously experienced stigma around the topic. Students will learn about SCC resources and offerings and also have discussion around the most common mental health concerns for UTD students to help normalize and validate their experiences.”

4) Self-care in college
“Whether it be time management, taking care of health, or organizing their priorities, many students struggle with finding balance for all the things that are important to them in college. In this presentation, students will gain tips and have the opportunity to self-reflect on how they can best manage their time and tasks taking into account their strengths, needs, and opportunities for self-care.”

5) Healthy relationships/connections
“College can be a time for students to explore new relationships. For some this exciting and fun! For others, they may struggle with setting boundaries, trying out their social skills, or finding their inner confidence to connect. This presentation will help students to self-reflect on their social/relational skills and challenges and provide conversation and ideas around how to build relationships and support during their college experience.” Considerations for your planning: The SCC is excited that you’re helping us spread the word about the importance of mental health! As we partner more with the campus community to reduce this stigma, it is inevitable that there will be times when the SCC is in high demand for our counseling services. In order to meet those needs, we request that you provide a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice for all outreach requests. We also limit our outreach presentations during peak months of September/October in the fall semester and March/April in the spring, so consider planning your SCC presentation in May-August and November-February!

*Create your own: If you have reviewed the SCC Signature Outreach Presentations, and they do not fit your needs please add the following to your outreach request form.

  • Topic
  • Areas to address
  • Needs/concerns that led you to make this request
  • Let us know a bit more about your group/organization/class
  • Outreach Request

    We have received an unprecedented number of outreach requests for the Fall Semester. In order to meet the clinical needs of our students, we might not be able to fulfill your outreach request. All incoming requests will be reviewed and you will be contacted. Please check our workshop page, there may be a presentation that meets your needs. Thank you for your understanding.

    To request a presentation, please fill out our Outreach Request Form HERE

    For more information, please contact [email protected].