College is a time when many people experiment with alcohol and other drugs. A recent survey revealed 75% of UT Dallas students drink alcohol. Many people drink or use other substances socially and responsibly. At the same time, alcohol and other drugs are a common problem among college students: 1 in 5 people between 18 and 25 meeting the criteria for a substance use disorder.

  • Do you miss class or other important obligations as a result of your using?
  • Have your grades suffered due to your using?
  • Do you drink or use drugs to change the way you feel or escape negative emotions?
  • Do you find you need larger quantities of a substance to experience the same effects?
  • Do you find yourself using substances you told yourself you would never use?
  • Do you ever have blackouts or struggle to remember things when using?
  • Do you feel depressed, anxious or remorseful after using?
  • Do you drive under the influence or engage in other risky behaviors when using?
  • Do you experience a significant change in your personality when drinking or using, or find it difficult to control your emotions?
  • Is your substance use affecting your interpersonal relationships?
  • Do family members or friends express concern about your using?
  • Are you often preoccupied by drinking or using drugs when you are not using them?
  • Have you ever tried to cut down on your using and failed?

If you answered "yes" to a number of the questions above, it may be indicative of a significant problem that requires professional help. Only about 11% of people who need help for a substance use disorder receive seek help and receive treatment for their problems. Stigma of substance use and feelings of shame often inhibit people from getting the help they need. UT Dallas offers a variety of confidential resources listed below, and you are encouraged to reach out if you think you may have a problem with alcohol or other drugs.

Please use caution when attempting to identify if another person has a substance use problem. If you are concerned, please use the resources below for guidance.


You may schedule an appointment with the Student Counseling Center for further assessment and counseling for substance use.

UT Dallas offers additional prevention, education, medical consultation, and support to overcome alcohol and drug abuse through the Party Foul program.

The Center for Students in Recovery provides meetings and groups for students who may have a problem with substance use. You may find their updated meeting schedule on their website.

You may also find AA and NA meetings in your area: