Student Counseling Center Diversity Statement

We at the Student Counseling Center view diversity as encompassing the intersecting identities that make us unique individuals, including ethnic/racial identity, nationality, sexual identity, gender identity and expression, age, religious/spiritual beliefs, socioeconomic status, body shape/size, and ability status. We recognize and acknowledge the impact of stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, oppression, power and privilege, and are committed to creating a campus community that embraces and celebrates diversity in all its complexity. In our commitment to creating a safe, inclusive environment, you can expect us to be welcoming and affirming.

Collectively as a staff, we commit to diversity competence as a life-long learning process. We support one another in exploring issues of diversity by challenging our biases and engaging in difficult dialogues, to further personal and professional integration. We strive to maintain a mutually respectful, understanding, and open work environment that nurtures and affirms our unique identities.